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Specialty Coffee Elixirs

This post continues our conversation with Daniel Brown, owner of Gilly Brewing Company. He shares with us the inspiration behind his seasonal elixir coffee beverages. Read the first part of our conversation HERE. Want a recipe? Daniel tells us how he makes The Gilbert Elixir HERE.

Coffee Elixirs

“My specialty coffee elixirs take their inspiration from cocktails. That’s why I use a lot of bitters and garnishes in my drinks. I’ve been known to mix weird drinks and try new things. I can find the beauty in anything. It might be the worst tasting drink, but I would say, “you know, it could become great.” That’s the artist in me.

I also connect drinks with a positive message. Every season I create 5 different specialty elixirs that have a theme. The theme for this summer is “Just gimme the light.” When I prepare drinks for customers I ask them, “Would you like the light?” And they respond, “Just gimme the light.” And we do a flaming technique where we squeeze the peel of a lemon and light a match and it produces a flame over the drink. The flame enhances the lemon cup profile of the drink. And our Hippie drink we pour the light cream over the dark coffee. The message is that the light will always overcomes darkness.

I want “gilly” to be used as an adjective. When people try the elixirs they say, “Man, this feels so gilly!” And it can mean anything from being touched, happy, or even inspired.”

The Hippie elixir
The Hippie Elixir – made with cold brew coffee and bitters over ice. Add shaken cream and simple syrup over top. Garnish with rosemary. Photo credit: Sara Read
Flame Gilbert elixir
Squeezing an orange peel over the coffee to create a short burst of flames.

The Equipment

Daniel uses a mixture of craft coffee and cocktail bar equipment at Gilly Brewing Company. His signature coffee elixirs require him to use it all when assembling each drink.

Equipment Gilly
Cold brew coffee and cocktail equipment go hand in hand to create the elixirs at Gilly Brewing Company

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Inspired? Want a recipe? Try making the Gilbert Coffee Elixir. Daniel’s recipe is HERE.