//The Pie Stories – Pies at Crave Pie Studio
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The Pie Stories – Pies at Crave Pie Studio

Briana Carson shares some pie stories from her shop Crave Pie Studio. Located in historic Duluth, Georgia, they serve up a variety of seasonal and year-round individual pies. If you missed her background story and how she got into baking pies, you can read it HERE.

The Apple Pie Disaster of 2010

“I went to culinary school and ended up in Baking 101. I didn’t want to take that class. In addition, I had never been in a commercial kitchen before, and it’s a lot different than cooking in your home kitchen. You have huge stoves with flames a foot high. It was very intimidating.

For the practical exam we had to bake an apple pie from scratch. So we had to make the pie dough, and make sure the apple pie came out of the oven delicious and beautiful. But it was a freakin’ hot mess. It was a hot mess.

Raspberry apple pie
Briana has now perfected her apple pie! Look out for seasonal varieties, such as this raspberry apple pie she is serving this summer.

We had made the pastry the week before and I had forgotten to take it out of the freezer so it was frozen and I was rushing to get it done. I had practiced my recipe in my kitchen at home, but of course the ovens at the school were different. So at the end my apples were practically raw in the middle, the pastry was not right. It was a hot mess.

But I got an A on the exam. I don’t know why. In retrospect I look back and think, “That was not a good pie at all.” But doing that exam and baking every week to practice introduced me to something I ended up I really loving: pie baking!”

Marriage of North & South

“Our maple pecan pie was the first recipe I developed because my husband is from Georgia. And in the South pecan pie is a year-round kind of thing. Well, pecan pie was never my favorite, and truly I never really liked it. But he insisted that if I was going to have a pie shop, I had to have pecan pie on the menu every single day of the year, not just at Thanksgiving.

But I was born in Boston and spent most of my life in New England. So in order to satisfy my palate I thought, “I’m a darn Yankee, so I better put some maple syrup in it.” So that’s been one of our signature recipes from day one!”

maple pecan pie close up
Maple Pecan Pie: The perfect marriage of North and South.

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