//Behind the Beer – Slow Pour Brewing Company
Cotillion Blonde Ale Slow Pour Brewing

Behind the Beer – Slow Pour Brewing Company

The folks at Slow Pour Brewing are making some excellent beer. If you missed the story behind the brewery, you can get it HERE. This post continues from our conversation with John Reynolds, Founding Brewer. Now, on to the story behind the beer…

Going Pro

“When we first started, we started with this model: We don’t know what we’re doing, so let’s just try to figure it out. We had to face the reality of going from home brew to professional. And how do we do that? How do we accomplish that and come to market with a good product? We don’t want to put a bad foot forward as our entry into the market.

Luckily through some friends of ours we were introduced to Chase Medlin  who was the brew master at Twain’s Brew Pub for 5 years. He was in between things and working on getting his own brewery started. We asked him to come in for a year and help us get organized and figure out how to get things started professionally. So we said, “Let’s just brew what we can brew and worry about distribution later. We’ll brew for the tasting room.”

When we opened in September, the line went all the way around the room and turned back towards the bar. The line was 50 or 60 people deep for 4 hours straight. We only had 3 beers on tap because we only had 3 tanks. But everyone was happy and very gracious towards us, and helped us figure things out.”

Tasting room Slow Pour
The taps in the tasting room at Slow Pour Brewing Company.

Naming Inspiration

“We’ve created two beers based on the band A Thousand Horses. They’ve played here twice. One of my brothers-in-law, Zach Brown, is in the band. We had them come and do a concert the day we opened our doors. They set up in the parking lot across the way. It was a great street party.

For our opening, we took our Cotillion blonde ale and added peach puree to it and called it Peachin’ To The Choir. It’s a homage to their song called Preachin’ To The Choir. Our Southernality IPA was specifically brewed for them. They have a song called Southernality, which is a blend of Southern and Personality, which describes us really well too. So we kept that name on and it’s become a year-round beer for us.”

Southernality IPA and Cotillion Blonde Ale from Slow Pour Brewing Company.

“Southernality is probably my favorite beer that we are brewing here, but dark beers are probably my favorite to brew at home. When you are brewing it and you get that hop break on top, it looks like it’s ready to drink right then. You get that nice creamy top. In the winter time when you’re brewing that in your front yard with the turkey burner… It’s just like, ah man. I just love those times. Feeling like I could just dip a cup in there and drink it right now. But then you have the whole anticipation of waiting 2 weeks to a month for it to finish.

Even if Slow Pour Brewing wasn’t here, beer is a big part of my life and who I am. It’s super, super nerdy but I’ve always felt that every beer tells a story. Every beer that’s brewed has a little bit of the personality of the brewer in it. Drinking beer is like drinking a little bit of history.”

Brew equipment
A peek behind the scenes at the brewing equipment at Slow Pour Brewing Company.