Story Nosh Definition

Teresa & Clayton

Story Nosh was originally envisioned as a means to get to know our neighbors.

Teresa and Clayton

We spent the first 15 years of our marriage as wanderers. We moved around the country… and eventually across the world. We moved our family 10 times during these years to places such as Nashville, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Phoenix, Columbus, and eventually internationally to Indonesia.

To say we had “transition fatigue” is an understatement! It was time to plant some roots. After Teresa was offered a job, we relocated again to Georgia on the outskirts of Atlanta. Teresa is an archaeologist, and Clayton is a web developer. In our free time we have a enjoyed a good deal of food tourism, especially intrigued by what each new city had to offer.

During the first month of driving around our new hometown we realized our good luck: we had landed in a diverse community, a melting pot of folks from around the world. Along the main highway, the lifeline of the town, are a slew of restaurants that stand as testaments to that diversity, bringing Jamaican, Colombian, Afghani, Vietnamese, Mexican, Peruvian and other amazing food to our doorstep.

We are curious to try all this delicious food, but more so to know our new neighbors! We hope you will join us on the journey to meet the members of our community through their food and stories. Pull up a chair, you’re invited to the table.

Story-Driven Food

This is a story-driven food blog. We all love swapping stories while eating together because our stories are what make us unique and shape us. So for this blog we want to focus on interaction over consumption. We talk with restaurant owners and share bits of their story, and how their experiences have influenced their food.

We aren’t interested in rating and reviewing restaurants. We aren’t interested in sharing all our family recipes. Plenty of people already do those things. Instead, we want to talk to the people that put the food on the table. The ones that had a vision to start a business and have put in the work to make it reality.

These stories are just a taste, a bite-sized portion of a person’s larger story. But our hope is that these insights will infuse meaning back into the restaurant experience. If you live nearby, please check out the restaurants we feature and support their business!

Our Recommendations

In case you’re curious, or if you will visit these places soon, here are a few of our favorite foods from the places we’ve lived!

Indonesia – Beef rendang and sambal
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Primanti Brother’s Capone sandwich
Oahu, Hawaii – Romy’s garlic prawns, Shimazu shave ice
Phoenix, Arizona – The Fry Bread House’s green chili stew
Nashville, Tennessee – Calypso Cafe’s black bean salad, Baja Burrito’s fish tacos
Seattle, Washington – Daily Dozen cinnamon sugar donuts